Consultation / Coaching

My passion   is the professional advice, support and support of people with management and control functions and experts in real estate companies.

I would like to pass on my many years of experience in the industry and, above all, promote the human potential in a value-adding and goal-oriented manner.

In doing so, I always deal with the individual needs and abilities of the customer. There is no master plan - everything has to be analyzed down to the smallest detail in order to find the one small set screw that maneuvers your business back into the right channel.

Weak point analysis of real estate portfolio
Management of housing stocks
Purchase / sale advice
raising capital

Recent Coachingprojekt

Göttingen, coaching / corporate refurbishment, 450 residential units at various inner-city locations, target optimal sales recommendation for this stock, M + A or continuation in own stock


Our network is important to us! Together we reach the lifestyle that gives us more than just capital.