Michael Hesse 


Study of Business Administration
Marketing and Business Management at the
HS Harz University in Wernigerode


Location: Kaiser-Otto-Str. 2
06484 Quedlinburg
Phone: +49 3946 9073148 
Mobil: +49 160 1526306 
Mail:  info@hesse-grundbesitz.com


special knowledge


conflict management, CIP,
quality management

human resource management:

moderation of working groups


marketing of shopping centers,
locations and regions

marketing/market research:

creation of location analyzes, development and
execution of surveys, corporate identity strategies


creation, execution and
evaluation of Conjoint - analyzes


development of advertising strategies
(image, brand awareness, product presentation)

realized projects


Creation of a location analysis for the shopping center   Gernrode - tenant, e.g. Hagebau, Lidl, KiK

Founding of the project "Wohnungsbörse" at Harz University as an interface between landlords and student tenants

Location analysis Hotel "Albrechtshaus", Harz



Location analysis "Lühnertorplatz" p. p. of the TLG Saxonia-Anhalt, consequence settlement Aldi


1998 - 2001 

Development and marketing "New slaughterhouse quarter" in Magdeburg p. p. the Bavarian Landesbank Munich



Project development and construction supervision Netto in Wernigerode, Ilsenburger Straße


2000 - 2001

Project development and sale Aldi in Wernigerode, Nöschenröder Straße

Land sale to Lidl in Blankenburg,   Westerhäuser Straße

Project development and procurement Planning permission Lidl Blankenburg, replacement of the agreement of the municipality with the competent district

Project development photovoltaic system on steel construction company in Wittenberg

Partner company of BP - Solar Germany in the   large - scale settlement of photovoltaic systems on   commercial real estate


2001 - 2002 

Brokerage of the solar project BMW-Werk   Leipzig to BP Solar, project development in   Cooperation with BMW and BP Solar


2001 - 2003

Roof renovation with photovoltaics - Project development for the   TLG Sachsen-Anhalt in Magdeburg, subject: 100% refinancing   of the renovation costs by selling electricity


2003 - 2007

Project development and sales Lidl in Halberstadt, Harmoniestraße


2005 - 2007

Location development "Starch Factory" Brandenburg, settlement of a REWE full-service provider / residential development / marina


2011 - 2012

Acquisition and distribution / sale of a real estate package worth 1.2 million euros in Halberstadt

on behalf of Hudson Advisors Germany GmbH realization of a commercial insolvency property with hotel, nursing home, public tenants and penthouse apartments at the price of 4.5 million euros in Braunschweig



Acquisition & renovation of a half-timbered house in Quedlinburg. Sale of the ensemble to a family foundation.


2009 - 2013

Excluding own funds deployment of a private real estate portfolio worth 4.3 million euros, approx. 6,600 square meters of living space,   149 residential units



Founding of Hesse Grundbesitz as continuation of the structure of the stock in a corporation, 100% Michael Hesse.

with own funds of 100.000, - Euro acquisition and   modernization of individual objects in the total value of   1.5 million euro, approx. 2.300 square meters living space,   42 residential units
, sale in 2015,   office villa and inner city Private forest remained in existence


2015 - 2016

Property purchase of Hotel Zehnpfund in Thale, redesign in 60 residential units,   7,000 sqm GFA, 4,500 sqm living space, total volume of   renovation 7.2m EUR, sale of the property incl. [Nbsp] project to Azurit / Hansa Health Care , Germany's largest private nursing home chain  


2016 - Heute

Project development and purchase of real estate in Thale, prime location new construction / sale of 7 condominiums, total volume 1.7 million euros

Project development in Thale, Tourismusspot no. 1 in the Harz,   Triple A location for tourism, new construction of 40-50 residential units,   divided into apartments and condominiums,   volume 8-10 million euros, cold rent 8-10 euros / sqm, [nbsp ] VK for ETW 2,500

Project development / JV in Quedlinburg, modernization of a   7 storeys, listed brick building, new construction of   4 townhouses, volume 12.5 million Euro turnkey,   approx. 6,000 sq.m. living space, approx. 9,500 sq. M. Of land + 37,000 sq.m. private forest,   cold renting 8-10 euro / sq. M., Retail for approx. 2,500 - 3,800 euros / sq.m  



Göttingen, coaching / corporate refurbishment, 450 residential units at various inner-city locations, goal of taking over this portfolio, M + A or continuation in own portfolio


special projects

Thale, Theodor-Nolte Str. 1, Haus Zehnpfund

  • rescheduling and development of 60 residential units
  • volume 7 million euros, project sales to a nursing home operator

special projects

Quedlinburg, Langenbergstr. 37, 37a-c

  • Purchase and renovation of 24 residential units
  • volume 1.4 million euros